Technopolymer GmbH is a manufacturer of masterbatches


Techno-Polymer GmbH is your contact where the manufacture of so-called Masterbatches for the additives and modifications of thermoplastics is involved.
Whenever plastics need to be altered in such a way that the special additives used have the desired effect, TP is able provide you with the correct recipe. We consider ourselves to be problem solvers for our customers.
The most varied recipes can be faultlessly applied to the polymer via gravimetric doses, lateral doses and gear pumps.

We batch everything possible.
Functional additives are antioxidants, heat as well as UV stabilising agents, softeners, treatment aids (anti-blockings), colourings, antistatics, sponging agents, cross-linking agents, flame-retardant additives, degradable raw materials.
Fillers can either be used as extenders or functional fillers.

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